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10/10, would have sex change for.

I’m convinced that if angels existed, they would sound like Sam Smith.
My dreams don’t sound half as good.

Finally done. I take too long.

Sometimes you just need a reminder: Self love. Practice it everyday.

Am I one of the only people that thought Transcendence was actually pretty good? Does this mean I have bad taste in movies? I love Sci-fi… I thought some of the points that Transcendence touched upon were pretty profound, but I guess I am in the minority.

I also thought that Gravity was overrated. Visually stunning, emotionally engaging, but as far as science fiction goes, not really all that interesting.

Same for Her… minus the visually stunning part.

Last Night’s Game of Thrones

Don’t go to link if you haven’t watched.
A gif of the best moment in the series thus far.

Kinda upset that they had to recast Daario Naharis. I really liked that arrogant sauntering walk and swagger that Ed Skrein brought to the character. Because that’s what Daario is supposed to be like.

Anonymous said: God did not create sin, therefore he did not create homosexuality. It's like saying "We sin, so God must have wanted us to."

Your argument is based on the presupposition that there was a Creator, and also on what you know of the Bible. I do not believe there was a Creator, nor do I believe that the bible is “the word of god”. But since you want to argue from that point, I will have to oblige you.

According to the Bible, God created all of the animal species on the Earth, including humans. Other animal species were not given free will as humans were. Humans were given “subjection” over “every living creature that is moving on the Earth”. Thus, no other animal species on Earth (according to the Bible) have free will. So, they are not capable of sinning. And yet, they exhibit homosexual behaviors.

From another reply: “Maybe next time you study with the witnesses that come by to see you, ask them to go over 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 with you. Also they could go over Romans 5:12 with you.” Thank you for trying to help me understand, but quoting the Bible at me, and giving me passages for me to read where it states that homosexuality is a sin will not convince me that it is morally wrong. Telling me that engaging in sinful behaviors will lead to death as the original sin had for Adam will not scare me into believing that homosexuality is wrong or sinful.


Here is a documentary about homosexual behavior in animals in nature.